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Orbis Systems is a strategic testing partner and test system provider specialized in 5G, RF and OTA testing technologies.

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Enhancing Modern Testing with RF Signal Switching Units

Orbis Systems' RF Signal Switching Units seamlessly integrate with automated laboratory systems, enabling swift and effective configuration changes. The modular system architecture, comprising a main case, controller and plug-in modules, empowers users to build extensive test systems.

Automate and speed up your telecom testing with our RF Signal Switching Units, without the need to configure each test case manually. Read our brochure to learn the advantages of RF Signal Switching Units and see examples of the different solutions that we have delivered to our customers.

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A whole new ball game

5G brings a vast new world into the field of technology, not only a massive speed and capacity increase. You must be able to test your solutions to take advantage of 5G and that's where we can help you.

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Internet of Things

IoT is another world of unlimited possibilities. Contact us and we’ll tell you how you can gain competitive advantage and add value to your business through collaboration with Orbis Systems.

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Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

What will factories look like in the future when automation and robotics take production to the next level? We will guide you towards taking advantage of new capabilities – before your competitors do.

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Innovative solutions customized to your needs

Our highly customizable and scalable solutions increase both efficiency and performance, hence shortening time to market, lowering process costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

Testers, fixtures, Signal Switching Units, OTA chambers - customized to your needs and delivered in volumes!

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We call it knowledge

As a strategic testing partner and leading test system supplier that has provided quality control solutions, functional testing solutions, components and services for its customers’ R&D, production and after sales needs for over 20 years, we know that new technology brings endless possibilities.

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