What sets the new generation of 5G OTA testing solutions apart from the rest?

Futuristic illustration of a city skyline with 5G network

In the world of 5G over-the-air testing, the level of automation is the difference-maker between old and new generation solutions.

Offering throughput speeds of up to 10 Gbps, frequencies that extend well into the millimeter wave territory, and devices operating in multiple radio access technologies, 5G is currently transforming the world far beyond the telecommunications sector. Industries such as Robotics, Aerospace and Defense and Automotive are adopting new technologies at a rapid pace making over-the-air (OTA) testing an essential part of the product verification process.

New Generation OTA chambers are based on automation

What separates Orbis Systems’ 5G OTA solutions from the competition is the high level of pre-integration and automation that removes the need to build separate add-ons, accelerates the customers’ ramp-up times, improves testing capabilities, speeds and provides more reliable results.

Some of the most distinguishing features of Orbis Systems’ OTA chambers include the following:

DUT Control

Orbis Systems’ low reflection, vertical DUT positioners are unique in their ability to software emulate vertical sweeps of horizontal (also called “barbeque style”) positioners for maximum flexibility within the test environment. All automated positioners have a REST API SW interface for control and various positioner styles are available to cater to different testing needs.

The DUT positioner can be synchronized with the test equipment allowing continuous rotation with position synchronized measurement points. Not having to stop and wait for mechanical stabilization of the positioner for every measurement point provides a remarkable increase in testing speed.


Orbis Systems’ 5G OTA Chamber solution includes automated and fully integrated camera control. The IR camera is mounted onto the front door or inside the chamber and integrated into the chamber controller. Due to the integration, the camera is connected to the user interface main view, so there is no need for additional screens to be used simultaneously.

Safety Features

Naturally an integral part of any RF testing solution, the safety features of Orbis Systems’ OTA chambers conform with EC directives and are automated to ensure maximal safety under all circumstances. The features include an RF shielding door equipped with an automated safety switch. When the chamber door is opened, the door safety circuit will immediately switch off DUT power to prevent radiation and stop all positioner movement. The chambers also include automated smoke detection and sprinkler systems. Additional features, such as motion detectors, are easy to implement according to customer-specific needs.


For optimum usability, the OTA chambers are equipped with a local user interface as well as REST API SW interface for remote control. A remote-controlled PDU, Ethernet ports and switches and filters are located inside the chamber.

The Road Ahead: Even more flexibility and customization

In addition to their high level of automation, Orbis Systems’ chamber-based OTA solutions are adjustable and flexible to the user’s needs in several ways. The chambers are constructed from standard industrial components and delivered completely ready for use, so there is no need for expensive and time-consuming installation, which could possibly lead to on-site installation related quality and isolation issues. Compact and mobile, the chambers can be moved on rollers within the facility and multiple chambers can also be stacked in order to save valuable laboratory space. Alternatively, where customer facilities limit the deployment of pre-built chambers, Orbis Systems also delivers modular chamber solutions.

According to Orbis Systems’ Sales Director Janne Mäki-Petäjä, these qualities are highly appreciated among customers, who, thanks to the high level of automation built according to customer specification, are able to save resources and speed up their testing processes. “In the future we expect the customers to demand for even more customizability to chamber automation and device positioning systems for their specific R&D needs”, Mäki-Petäjä says, and ensures that the company is constantly developing not only the technology but also the usability, flexibility and cost-efficiency of its solutions.

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